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We are a creative, events and brand consulting firm that specialists in delivering original work at the intersection of branding, technology and entertainment.

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We are the proud Corporate event organizers and well known advertising company from Coimbatore. Our dedicated teams’ work is planning and providing world-class events to our clients with great potentials in every aspect of the event. Great vision and goal of our team are to obtain 200% positive results. We are creative, we are geeks, we are designers, we are thinkers, and we are doers. Our enthusiasm mindset always leads the pack and events more colorful and more benefits to our clients.
Meet our team

Prakash Kuttappan
Prakash Kuttappan
Business head

The founder of Mango Fruit event management solution. Talented, motivated, and mainly focused on teamwork to meet something in a great manner. We study the overall view and strategy of each project’s completion. 15 years of expertise made us professional in Corporate events, BTL Activations, Roadshow marketing, and Mobile van advertising.

Nivethitha Natarajan
Nivethitha Natarajan

Skilled admin and the mind behind every bold and bright idea to start the Mango Fruit event management. Her International business graduation helps us to develop the crucial thinking and motivational team.

Viswaprasad K
Viswaprasad K

Co-founder of Mango Fruit and plays an important role as a strategist, he made up his mind to build himself a reputation for being one of the most optimistic people. In his leisure, he is a marketing enthusiast and his role in Mango Fruit is beyond the words.

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Begin planning as soon as you possibly can. If your event is a large event you should really begin planning it four to six months in advance. Smaller events need at least one month to plan. To keep the final run up to the event flowing smoothly, try to ensure that all vendor contracts are completed a few weeks before the event.


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We create, curate and manage brands to make an everlasting impression on our client’s audience.




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