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About Mangofruit

We dared to dream and we dared to make it happen in reality. We, MangoFruit, Company operating entire south India (Chennai and Having branch in Cochin, Coimbatore, Bangalore & Hyderabad) based Event Management, Activations and Media production Company established back in 2012 to provide world-class event & Marketing Activation Solutions to the clients who value their brand name, time, money, and investment.

With the help of our professional doers and creative thinkers, we are making the events more successful. Just started from the scratch and the 10 years of experience helped us to grow to stand out from the crowd. The five years of Mango Fruit journey is amazing and it earned us to have clients in and around of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Our integrity and dedication toward our work have been appreciated by many clients and our success story continues to the very next dimension after we have completed 400 events, 100 activities, and n-number of clients. Explore further to know more about us.

Mango Fruit


How do we do?

This is the mainstream than all, we suppose. This one is accountable to know us a little bit better and further. We make decisions in everyday order to shape our core values as well as our client’s business.

Understanding the brand challenge

This is always an end-to-end challenge while we are working towards to know what would make our client’s brand win over customers routine to look up something new and fresh. Ground level research is the key to our knowledge treasure. It will lead us to analyze where we have to put up the event, who are all will be benefited by the event, what will be the major breakthrough if it is happening around with the people who might be interested in this kind of activities.

Target segment

We used to focus on the result once we understood the brand challenge it has. The result is who is looking up the brand and give full trust to the value of our client’s new idea. Schools, colleges, and malls always have the huge number of the audience but we analyze who will benefit from this event.

Marketing Plan

We set our source and destination but what is the medium? Branding the bicycle company by using theatre art? does it sound good? No, not and all… How weird if it could be… Each event needs relevant concept and plan. We will work through the concepts to find the best one.

Process. Plan. Procurement

Once the above core values have finalized, the process will be started with our clients which will lead us to discuss our plans and procurement.

Test trial

What is the point when an event occurs without proper rehearsal?… We check everything in control and neat and hassle free by test trial. The methods of test trial may vary according to the plans.

Implementation and execution

We know our commitments which are usually in the standard of corporate and it is fully understood by our team. The result of every plan and detail and our teamwork will shine on this segment. Our long term investment in this field is our time and our long-term goal is gaining one more nice word to build a strong reputation of Mango Fruit.


Our services to clients are starting from the complete understanding of client’s requirements. Market research and study will happen as one of the processes to understand the importance of branding or advertising clients’ project in Public. It will help us to capture the image of the targeted audience. Once the study had been completed by our team members, we will list out the plans which will suit that particular project and costing will lay upon that. When both parties, agency and clients, are agreed to proceed further, event planning will take the place. Planning includes designing, schedule, pre-event production, and implementation. We will go public when everything is all set to rock and roll.

Our Clients

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