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10 Tips for Event Planning with a Small Budget

May 14, 2019, 13:36 PM

Sometimes, the organizers and people from small forum think that the budget is one of the greatest struggles to do, not attempt any brand promotions as well as ads. There is a huge number of pocket-friendly advertisement methods are available for startup companies as well as entrepreneurs. You can also manage and organize very volume professional events with a small budget. It is very simple, effective, and cultivates great results.

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Here are 10 tips you should follow to not burn your pocket. All you need is a pen and paper to jot down the ideas. It will let you realize that the potential of the events can be achieved even through the smaller budget.

1. Think, Plan, and Process

Every event should be started with a detailed estimation of the budget. List out how much amount goes which part of the event. Detail the estimated amount in a chart. Avoid late commitments to avoid the additional add up in the budget section in the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget to add the taxes, fees, travel charges, food and other amenities in your plan. Well, a good plan is a halfway to success.

2. Choose your venue early as well as wisely

One of the huge parts of your budget would be invested in the venue. The planning process must be started with the venue. Make the lists of pros and cons based on the accessibility, location, and transportation. It won’t be easy to find the right venue with the minimum budget. But search wise and book the venue at the earliest to avoid the lags in planning processes.

Tips to note: Book the hall or venue at less popular dates to reduce the amount of investment if anyone from your office is ready to lend the balcony or a rooftop, make it a better venue with your creative ideas.

3. Location and Transportation

If you plan for the big events, you have to consider the transportation cost and lodging costs. Your attendees are the key factors to choose the location and transportation. Don’t make your attendees and clients travel more to attend your events in the busiest and less-known places. Try to short down the costs by minimizing the opportunities to travel long and lodging in quite expensive hotels.

4. Digitize everything

Yes… Just digitize everything to cut down the printing costs. It may be the greatest ideas to provide pamphlets, notices and to place the standees in the venue of the event to promote your product and brand value, but if your company is too small don’t think on paper medium marketing. Just go digital. If your clients are living thousands of miles apart, then go hybrid events. It costs you nothing but gains you with the combination of live and digital conferences.

Tip to note Kudos… You have saved several trees.

5. 3R concept

This concept is not only to recycle the plastics. You can use the reusable properties in your events. There are several items that need minimum changes or absolutely nothing. You can use such items at multiple events. Creative heads can design it for your events. You can use them in the long term. It includes from the curtains to lamp settings.

6. Food and Beverage Costs

Don’t give a lavish liquor party at the end of the events. Boozed minds may lead to a messy conclusion. Don’t order the foods from most top chef’s kitchen as your budget is tiny. Go for healthy and hygienic food. You can give the orders to the people who want to shine in their field but they have just started their business just like you.

7. Volunteers

It sounds great right? I too feel the same way buddy. You can use the interns, volunteers who are at your concern to learn something. All you need is to train them properly and let them learn what the event management is all about. They will contribute you without adding additional cost to your budget and they would become an expert at some time.

8. Use Social Media

Every event needs to be known in public to get attraction and business. Digitize and finding best marketing methods for your events will cost you another punch of big amounts. Instead of advertising, use social media platforms. Promote the events and you know it’s really free of cost or charge you minimum to reach more people. You can go live of your events using Facebook and Instagram tools. It will get additional attention to your team work and events.

9. Communicate

There some people ready to sponsor such events to get their products promoted and valued. Enlarge your circle. You can ask your friends and family members to find out such people who can contribute to your event. Don’t go for crowd funding until your event is cause oriented. If you are event sort of it, organize a campaign and raise crowd funding.

10. Thank everyone

If you have managed an entire event by volunteers, crowd funding, donors, and contributors, please thank them. Make sure that you have thanked everyone. It would be grateful if you are about to write a big thanks notes over the mail. If you are doing another event future doesn’t forget to welcome them all who contributed for your last event.

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