5 Out-of-the-box Ideas to Take your Event Next Level

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5 Out-of-the-box Ideas to Take your Event Next Level

May 22, 2019, 12:32 PM

In the marketing and event field, every day is a lesson. You will learn new things every passing day no matter how many years you have been in this field and how you are mastering so many marketing methods in a good way. You are a new child in this field all the time. This is your part in the marketing field.

Another side, the attendees, clients, and sponsors are always seeking something new, fresh, demand. They ask organizers every time to think creatively and provide the best. You have to impress your attendees every time regardless of the type of events you organize.

The ultimate goal of the events is to not make the people who are present in the room think that the idea already executed somewhere. The beginners may think it’s hectic and it needs a huge process to come up with a new trick to impress the attendees. But smaller changes in the event could lead you to get the magical output.

Here I have listed down 6 out of box concepts for your next event and I’m sure that you wish you might know it before.

Impress your attendees even before the event starts

Make them feel elite and well. You can arrange luxury transportation and lodging facilities for them. Provide some memorable gifts to the attendees once they arrived hotel by hotel staffs. You can offer drinks too. They would feel relaxed and will appreciate your hospitality. Consider the free accommodation for your guests as a part of a giveaway package.

Hybrid Events with 360-degree videography

Hybrid events let you combine both online and offline attendees of your event in a single line. 360-degree videography and photography become very popular nowadays. You can integrate the seamless 360-degree videography to your live stream just like Apple and Samsung phone launches do.

It can be achieved through only the technicians. They will guide you or will work behest of you. Equipment and technician charges are quite high, so planning according to your budget plan.

Food and Beverages

The tasty and major consideration in any kind of events is the platter. You can’t let your attendees starve for the lunch and should not let them go empty stomach once the event is over. For lunch, arrange the private chef to make the delicious food as per your clients’ wish and send them home with dinner boxes.

Make sure that the food is hot, healthy, made with preferences and can be customized. Your clients’ health is now under your risk.


Analyze your business demographic and the event theme. You can choose from the following entertainment which suits your event.

1. Coffee art (Sand art is very famous in India and you can find the artist easier)
2. Digital Caricatures
3. Stand-up comedy and mono-act (Don’t try to give any social messages)
4. DJ/ Live bands
5. Magic Show

Tips to Note: Again consider your budget and choose wisely. Even the smallest entertainment ideas will be remembered for its personal touch.

Community Events

If you are selling a product for narrow customers, you can use any of the grassroots marketing methods to arrange such events. There are two things you could gain from this event. This event paves the way to develop the customer – client’s relationship.

You can get the feedback instantly and it will help you easier to point out what your customers need for your products.

The second thing is that word of mouth (WOM) advertisement can be achieved without much investment. You can try the street party, photo walks, interactive games, artery workshops and more once in a while to understand your customers better.

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