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Best Advertisement Ever

August 23, 2018, 05:41 AM

You may realize the creativity of the commercials at its best when you are watching a very good TV advertisement about something. We might experience at several times where the TV channels repeatedly showing that kind of advertisements.

You used to enjoy the ads if your favourite Kollywood, Bollywood, and cricket stars casting those advertisements. Tamil cinema and commercial industries have some standard to bring out the best commercials to the audience.

The Kollywood cinema stars have the parameters to work with the commercials. Actors like Rajini Kanth and Kamal Hassan never cast any TV commercials to promote any particular products in the past. But fortunately, we have witnessed the Ulaga Nayagan’s performance on Pothys ( Tamil Nadu based clothing company which has chain shops all over Tamil Nadu) ad. He was so cool with the Green color silk shirt and white Dotti.

In another hand there are few artists promotes the products if they are personally using it in their own life. Our most lovable Ajith Kumar acted in TV commercial very long ago. He promoted the Sunrise coffee power. I nudged my dad to buy sunrise since that day.

An actress like Nayantara has also followed the Ajith’s rule to act in the commercial. She was gorgeous when she was walking around the pool in a bright red colour saree along with GRT company’s pieces of jewellery.

Pulli Rajavukku Aids varuma

But do you still remember the ad “Pulli Rajavukku Aids varuma?” I hope you do remember not because it detailed the things which cause HIV and AIDS but also the way they ad company choose to convey the message to the public.

Some 90’s kids might remember back in years when this ad runs on the TV screen, their parents used to switch over the channel or turn it off. With a different perspective of storytelling or ad making make this advertisement evergreen.

This ad was created by PSI (Population Services International) of India warned the men to not have unprotected sex with commercial sex workers. This campaign gained positive and negative reviews and also made in Hindi with the phrase Balbir Pasha. Of course, there are hundreds and thousands of the campaigns ran by the Indian government regarding creating awareness on many social causes but Pulli raja captured in our mind. Period.

Arjun Amma Yaaru?

This is another commercial came with a question mark. Arjun Amma Yaaru? (Who is Arjun’s Mom). This ad came in so many media platform and eventually, the viewers came with the same question who is arjun’s mom?

If you are still remembering this ad, then you knew who Arjun’s Mom is. Arjun’s mom was the one who used to bought Arokya Milk. This dairy company now produces and sells all kind of diary goods all over Tamil Nadu. Milk procurement made in dairy forms from various villages located across Tamil Nadu.
Arokya claims itself the milk given to Arjun has four point something cholesterol range in it.

Nambikkai Athane Ellam

This ad captures every one eyes as well as meme creators mind. The one good thing about Kalyan jewels ad is the above caption “Nambikkai Athane Ellam”.

The interesting thing about this ad is the casting crew. You can find Tamil Actor Prabhu at one commercial, in another, Bollywood superstar Amitab Bachchan would play the role along with his wife Jeya Bachchan and his daughter in law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Startle by watching this ad when Prabhu, Amitab, Aishwarya, Nagarjun, Manju Warrior came together and gave us a visual surprise.

Kalayan does jewelry business in India and gulf. In every season Prabhu becomes super cool and finishes the dialogue in his own stylish way.

Kulikathe (Don’t bath)

Another classic and hilarious commercial happened in period is Meera Tulsi Soap. This ad starts at the train terminal with a mom, a daughter, and a son.

That daughter was on board for camp and her sibling and mother came along with her to send off her. All of sudden there was a thought about the camp atmosphere and the soap issue. Mom sends her son to buy Meera but he failed. Mom would start to shout her daughter to not bathe as the train moved forward.

Airtel 4G Speed test

In the last two years, 4G network providers in India came with so many unique ideas to sell their products to the customers. The very catchy and creative one was the Airtels 4G speed test. Short haired cute girl with red tee had become everyone’s favourite then.

Two college going lads came into the scenario with their own phone working on two different networks. Then the game starts with so many downloads and uploads requirements from the referee. The speed test was the proof, the company Airtel claims itself best and fastest network in India. But I love Vodafone zoozoo. They are cute. Ain’t they.

By mentioning the Airtel, another ad strikes my mind, Ovvoru friend um thevai machaan or the Hindi version “Hare ek friend”. The tune of Airtel once composed by the well-known musician AR. Rahman. There are hundreds of thousands ad came and went but very few stayed in our heart.

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