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Best Exhibition stall layout planning

July 10, 2018, 06:15 AM

Exhibition Stalls Layout Planning

It is common in Tamil Nadu to find n-number of exhibitions throughout the summer. Everyone needs to enjoy the summer and most of us prefer to stay off from the ordinary works. The exhibition is being one of the greatest entertainments for all.

Those above lines are described from the customers’ the point of view. Yeah, everybody loves the exhibition and they would love to spend all day long in the exhibition stall. Now, the point is how to present the best exhibition stall in the exhibition.

The exhibition stall layout planning will help you to attract more customers to your stall. The place you choose to arrange your stall requires a different kind of decoration and ideas to attract the customers.

Facade based stall may require different aspects and the centralized stall differs from those aspects. But innovative and unique ideas speak a lot to the people who are going to consume your products no matter where your stall is located. Every design and every plan execution are part of building the trust in your customers’ heart.

What all you need to execute the quintessential exhibition stall layout planning?

The well-organized plan would end up with the best results so note down this expert’s idea about the exhibition stall layout planning. These are the following fundamentals you need to build an exhibition stall.

A reception


The reception desk to any concern resembles the face of the concern and brand. The reception desk is the first place customers walk in to get help and to know about your brand and company.

The reputation of the brand it lays upon how people from the desk treat the customers. Professional and approachable personalities at the front desk will deal with everything in a great manner.

Customer Seating Area

Well organized exhibition stall layout planning comes with multi-tasking works and preparations. Customer seating area is one of the important aspects. Inquiries take place and time so you have to put up the chairs and tables.

Tables may have your client’s brochures and detailed pamphlets to know about the brand and its market value. Traditional chair arrangements always help you out of the series of confusions.

Product storage area and Product/service display area

To be frank, the exhibition stall is literally a display section with the idea of the point of sale. One of the easiest ways to be engaged with customers. Testing the brand and product would become much easier for the customers.

If the customers are satisfied with your product, they love to purchase at that point. The prominent rule for executing the exhibition stall layout planning, you should not run out of the material and the products. Keep the products in the stall. Hire a team of promoters to sell your products at the front end.

Promoters and Attendees

Dress code and the hosting manner are the quite considerable aspect in every event. Ask your boys and girls in uniform if required. The customer relationship would be handled by the promoters and attendees once the receptionist did her/his job.

Unapproachable manners would cause the reputation. Hire a team leader to the promoters and attendees to give the brief about the event. It will helpful for everyone. You can hire the third party employees to get your job done in a professional way.

Screens or TV to play the brand video

Lights and innovative branding are to the stall exhibition layout planning means everything. Reception is good, the seating arrangement is good, product storage and display areas are good.

But to get the attention from the customers, you have to be unique and innovative as I have described earlier. You may need the well-fabricated cloth to show up the brand name and logo or you may find the LED and LCD display with your brand video are very helpful to execute the plan.

Branding takes all the innovative and creative idea to be the excellence in the entire exhibition area. Try these out next time for your outdoor brand promotion. It will help you and you know who expertise in this field is.

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