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BTL – A brief look

March 1, 2018, 12:55 PM

BTL – A brief look

Research and insights playing a crucial role to brand the client’s idea to the public where our knowledge is developed from the ground level. In this article, we will let you know what is BTL and ATL, before how the BTL event helps the growth and visibility of the small-scale businesses and the ideas of entrepreneurs.

BTL stands for Below – The – Line. BTL promotion and marketing include the Mall activation services (, society activities, and Visual merchandising marketing. Basically, these activities are ground level activities and the assertion from us is BTL wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket.

In other words, BTL reaches directly to the targeted audience while ATL needs channel coverage, news publication, and e-format advertisements. Sometimes TTL plays the major role to combine the benefit of both ATL and BTL services. Brand promotion, product launch, sales promotion, activities in Malls, road shows, dealers and suppliers meets are some sort of BTL services we are doing for our clients. In BTL activities, the money spent is money earned. Very cost effective and the impact can be felt during the activation goes on.

As we said, BTL reaches the customers directly, almost one to one, so that spreading the news or information about the product and brand much easier. All the BTL makes the sense with the audience. You can collect the information of the target audience with minimum manpower to provide the handbills, brochures, pamphlets, and to place the banners and placards on the roadside and residential areas.

BTL reduces the gap between two ends of the products’ journey. The audience may come to the promoters to know about the details of the product, brand, and the purpose of the event without any restriction. Mango fruit has done so many BTL services for our clients.

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