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Difference Between Activation Marketing & Experiential Marketing

April 18, 2019, 08:47 AM

Brand Activation Marketing

Event Managers alone know the significant difference between brand activation marketing and experiential marketing. Both activations are being tested to reach more people. By the name itself, the brand activation does the business for the company and brand with identification materials such as logos, messages, colors and the customer relationship. This kind of activation is common in the field. But very close with experiential marketing which simply uses marketing strategies to hit the market and reach the people.

Example of the Brand Activation Marketing

In Brand Marketing, event managers and organizers are trying to create the impact of the products using the activation. Customers directly connect with brand values and blindly trust the products by its core value and the strong impression given by the events.

The Brand values of such products will reach the customers through its strong and favorable opinions also. You can get loads of examples for such marketing ideas. In our daily life, we watch the advertisements which promise that it will do what it represents in the ad. You can take the TV ads as an example.

A TV with a billion colors is a promise which a company has to prove to its customers by showcase it on showrooms. A noodles company can offer free meals to their customers to prove how tasty it is to eat and it should have the standards to compare it with other brands.

Experiential Marketing

Meanwhile, experiential marketing defines itself as a marketing method entirely based on the consumer’s experience with a product or service. Brand marketing focuses only on sales, benefits, and target oriented results, whereas experiential marketing focus consumer’s engagement with service or product.

Experiential Marketing let their customers judge the products and services. It will help the brand to develop their product to meet the customers need. Brand marketing builds the trust over the feedback and advertisement, but in experiential marketing, a customer keeps buying a product based on their own personal interaction with the brand.

Related with each other

In this field, everything is interchangeable and related to each other. Brand Activation uses experiential marketing to get the trust of the consumers and make them believe that all the marketing messages and ads showed off are very true. 


In experiential marketing, an event organizer cannot reach more than enough customers on giving time. For instance, a car company wants to do experiential marketing with customers. It takes more time to reach the people and make the interactions and let them get their own experience to understand and analyze the brand values or product. It needs great manpower to exercise such kind of activity.

But in brand marketing, all you need is an advertisement. Ads can describe the value of the product by its medium and it reaches more people on the given time. To reach the maximum, cut the lengthy experiment. To get limited but trusted customers, kindly go for experiential marketing. 

Take a look at this too. In brand marketing, it will be commonplace to advertise any kind of products. Brands may vary, but the brand marketing methods are always the same, they are just doing ads. Make sure that you are giving the ads which you have personally experienced with the brand. If your product fails to meet the goals you have advertised, it will definitely affect the brand value. 

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