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Difference Between Traditional Marketing & Experiential Marketing

May 3, 2019, 07:47 AM

Every day we are looking into the different types of marketing methods used by companies and industries to reach more customers. Our latest topic of marketing methods is Traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

What you do, if I say that our daily life is getting used by this traditional marketing? From the TV ads to the flyers, pamphlets, digital prints, Facebook ads, and advertisement posts are just classified under this traditional marketing. The traditional marketing method is started to use by companies from the very beginning stages of marketing. One lacking thing in this method is the direct connection between customers and the products.

This marketing method is just refrained the customers to experience the product directly and totally different from the methods like experiential marketing and brand activation marketing which are used in the field to gain the customers by direct experience from the product. Direct mails, Print, Broadcast, and referral marketing are classified under this method.


I hope you don’t need any example but, the most memorable traditional marketing campaigns are in recent years

Nambikkai Adhanea Ellam – by Kalyan Jewelers

Live Young, Live Free from Mahindra Automobiles

Why should boys have all the fun from Hero Honda Pleasure?

Experiential Marketing

In the other hand, just as its name describes, this marketing methods hit the customer’s emotion by providing a platform to the customers to feel the experience. Companies are allowing their products to directly interact with the customers to get the feedback and to give the experience. Once the customers are satisfied with the product, the reputation and the trust value of the product will go higher. They often recommend the products to their friends and relatives. The goals will be automatically achieved.


The UK hosted the 2012 Olympics in London and Samsung was one of the sponsors of the event. At that time, Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. As a part of the sponsorship, Samsung tried something new. Placed Samsung Studios on Several destinations around London, which includes Westfield Stratford, Stratford International, and N1 Centre Islington. Samsung allowed the customers to play several games on the Galaxy and allowed them to take pictures with Galaxy S3. This is one of the ways the companies creating interactions with customers.

Last September few journals around the world invited Job’s theatre inside the Apple Park, California to just experience the newly released iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max. After they attended the event, they gave detailed blogs on the device. We may consider it as an Experiential Marketing.

Pros and Cons

Each of the above will be used by the companies for the following decades as they did in earlier years in the past. Both have positive and negative sides. Pro in traditional marketing is that can be achieved in the given time and will reach more people. Traditional marketing will be backfired at any time when the given advertisement is simply different from what the customers got in reality. (Sometimes it happens in Amazon orders) Colors may vary; size may vary, or just boasted the things that are not really worthy in Practical.

Experiential Marketing pro is you can cut down the expensive by providing such marketing to the customers. Customers directly get in touch with brand and product. The con is you can’t reach the maximum on given time. The output will be like limited target and limited goals.

In the Extinction

Often companies going behind social media marketing which requires a minimum cost. Companies can pay cheaper to get the results instead of paying bulk for the TV ads and printing notes. After some periods, the social media platform will take over traditional marketing methods.

Image credits to: thecarouser, thoughtCo

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