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Event Checklist for Successful Event

July 12, 2018, 06:34 AM

What is the purpose of a corporate event planning checklist?

corporate event planning checklist

We know there is an English saying about the well beginning. ” Well begun is half done”. Beginnings are always tough and a good beginning is very important and it will play the crucial role in the events.

A good start with proper planning will lead you to achieve more success. Here is a guide to understanding why the corporate event planning checklist so important for every corporate management team and planners. The big chunk of your budget consumes more money and time if an event executed without proper planning.

What consists of proper corporate event planning checklist?

It will help you to proceed the whole process early enough to avoid the last minute arrangements, hurry buries, hassles, and messes. The established timeline will give you and your client a very clear vision of the event.

You could manage to allocate the responsible persons for each segment of the event. Breaking the events into smaller segments can develop the understanding of the budget, timeline, work, team members, manpower requirements, and so on.

The corporate event planning checklist is the prominent tool to break the event into smaller segments for the smooth execution.

Corporate event planning checklist

Corporate events never happened as the single meet event, once you have delivered the great impact on the clients, you can maintain the long-term relationship with your clients.

Here, the blog goes lengthier, so I would like to break this blog into smaller segments for easy understanding of the corporate event planning checklist. You have to stay focused on three-time duration for any kind of events.

Time, location, and Ideas

corporate event planning checklist

Your corporate event planning checklist timeline must have this at the higher priority. In this segment, you have to analyze and finalize the date, time, duration, and location of the corporate event.

Bring the new ideas to the table by understanding the perspective and purpose of the event from client’s point of view. Discuss the new ideas with them and go with hassle-free and perfect one.


corporate event planning checklist

Large scale or small scale corporate events, a client must expect the entertaining activities in their event. Best Entertainment options for your corporate events will entertain your client’s and their customers.

Choose wisely about the entertainment options which finding the equal rhythm with the event.

Invitation and all other branding materials

corporate event planning checklist

Invitation alone can give the best impression to the guests to attend the event without any fail. You can use the space to develop the brand value and product value of your clients with the guests by highlighting them in a unique way.

Go with handouts, banners, posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, digital signage monitors for on-site advertising of the brand of your client.


corporate event planning checklist

Don’t try to minimize the quality to save the chunks from the budget but don’t try to be too lavish unnecessarily. Give enough weight to the smaller expenses and keep everything on your checklist to analyze the financial records at the end of the event.

Venue consumes more and the guest-speaker, equipment for your event, decors, food, security, in-house constructions need more money than your estimation.

Cost cutting in the stated categories won’t be the life savior of the event. Budget management will give the professional outlook to your event management team before, during, and after the event. So be lucid about the financial records.

Transportation and lodging

corporate event planning checklist

Assign attendees and task members to confirm the meeting schedule with the guests who are going to come to the event before a month.

This process will let you know whether you have to skip the presentation time of someone who is not available for the event or not. Confirming the guests to the event also help you to arrange the transportation and lodging facilities for the guests and the family members who are coming with them.

Arranging the volunteers to greet them and support them for the lodging will be appreciable. Hospitality will serve the great name for your concern. Arrange the lodging near to the event venue to avoid the last minute arrival and late presents.


corporate event planning checklist

Food – Other main criteria you should take care of. You can confirm the favorite menu for the guests and clients at the time when you confirm the meeting schedule with them. Go with a vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu for the guests.

But make sure who prefers what and keep the buffet separately. Find the catering service which provides you customizable menus for events, sit-down lunches, dinners, with the variety of choices. Adding the cocktail events to your corporate event planning checklist gives you hi-fi.

Pre and post-event follow-upscorporate event planning checklist

This one will come up at the end but you will consider this particular topic will add the weight to your portfolio.

Monitoring the feedback, registrations, registration forms, survey results, sending the thank-you emails, outcomes from the client, and the overall result will fall under this category. Make the wise decision by the perfect planning with corporation event planning checklist ethos and ideas.

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