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Grass Root Marketing

May 6, 2019, 13:21 PM

Grass root Marketing is one of the easiest marketing methods to drive direct business from segmented customers. People often confuse grassroots marketing with guerilla marketing. The second one differences with the first one by the targeting audience.

The guerilla marketing methods will be applied to attract general customers and its methods are always the same. Grass root marketing is used for specific audiences and it doesn’t like to spare its given time to attract unsolicited customers.

It is a cost-effective marketing method and it helps to reach the small group of audience and let them spread a word about the specific product to the larger audience.

How to Master the Grass Root Marketing?

  • Find the audience and targets that are going to benefit from your product.
  • Attract those free gifts, coupons or any offers
  • You know your audience is smaller in the group. Sponsorship their community events may help you out to be successful.
  • Build and maintain a good relationship with the community and it will definitely help when you are about to launch your next product.
  • Encourage your audience to give feedback about the product. Ask them to share their photo with the product. You can use it as an advertising tool, not from the paid actors, but from the true customers who are using your products.
  • Actively participate in their events and make the chances to advertise your products by setup small displays which shouldn’t disturb the mainstream of the events.
  • Social media platforms will help you to understand your target audience in a better way. Monitor them to find their needs and interests.
  • Interact your customers with ambient ads so that they stop and watch what it is about!

Think Smart: all of the explained above steps are not applicable to every grass root marketing. Think smarter and find which suits better for your business.

Examples of Grass Root Marketing

Back in 2008, when the USA about to select their president, the famous and well know Huffington post asks the citizens to be the journalists to report about Senator Obama’s Listening to America meetings. Huffington Post generated the instructions on what to ask and how to report.

Referrals are being used as the marketing methods to drive more audience. This one comes under grass root marketing.

The Chinese social media App Helo asks its users to refer their friends to earn money. Each referral will get you Rs. 5

Helo App

Google Pay is another example of referral marketing. If you are referring your friend to download the app, both of you will get rs. 51 each.

Google PAY

Redbus is another example of referral marketing.

image of red bus

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