Guides to Plan BTL Activation

Guides to Plan BTL Activation

May 11, 2018, 11:28 AM

Guides to Plan BTL Activation
Event management companies become a hub for unique ideas, different aspects, and verities of ads. If you want to be specialized in BTL activation you have to understand the basic and requirements of BTL There's something you are knowledgeable about the BTL activations. Every plan execution needs a lot of time, effort, and hard work. It is important to prepare yourself to plan and execute the BTL activities. Here is a step-by-step guideline you need to know to make the BTL events successful.

Identify the Brand Value
Identify the Target Segment
Identify the Ways to reach the target Segment
Planning and Execution of Activity
Manpower Training
Reporting Format

Identify the Brand Value
Before getting straight into the activation, you need to understand the brand value of the product you are going to promote through your BTL activation. Your BTL activation is one of the important doors to getting a group of people or customers ready to jump into the all-new brand in shops or showrooms or malls. Identify the brand value of the client's product is the critical portion of your activity. Two main external aspects a brand value should have. The first one is the visual identity which includes the Product's logo, color, name, typography information, and the second one is the voice identity which is relatively close how do you treat your customer with the tagline, tone, and customer care, communication style. Proposition, personality, and purpose of the product alone values the brand and it speaks a lot of customers.

BTL Target segments
Understanding the target segments will lead you to create your own demographic picture for the business. Who will be the target customers? Which area will give the extra penny to your account? Which age group is ready to jump down for your product? Who needs this product? – All of the questions will be answered through the depth study of market and consumers mindset. Be ready to spend enough time to learn. Attack your target segments with attractive ideas. Even the tagline under your logo needs to be unique and should have to stand away from the ordinary.

Identify the Ways to reach the target Segment in BTL activation
Here I'm listing down the ways to reach the right audience with excellent breakthroughs of
BTL activation. You can brand your product to the audience by conducting simple events such as iwalker to mega-events such as mall programs. Choose any of the following ones which suit your budget.

Mall Activations
Apartment Activations
School College Activations
Mobile Van & Road Shows
In shop Activations & IN Shop Branding
Sampling Opportunities (Wet & Dry)
Hired Hands Support
Conceptualized BTL Activations
Retail Branding
Exhibition Display

Planning and Execution of BTL Activation
Once you have found the way to reach the audience, your next step is obviously to try to plan the perfect execution of the BTL activation. You will note down the venue, date, time, and the number of volunteers, type of program, and all the agenda of the BTL activation. You will prepare the event checklist to give the proper data for your client.

Manpower Training
Your event management can have hundreds of employees to execute an event. Sometimes you have to outsource your manpower from third party companies. The technical term for such employees in the field are known as temporary manpower All of the employees should know the purpose of the event as well as should have some basic training on the field to avoid the mistakes and to impress the target audience. Most of the volunteers will be asked to communicate with the audience. Proper communication skills and the questionnaires they have to ask the audience are mandatory to practice to work out the seamless events.

Reporting Format
BTL activation has huge benefits for three sides of the business – an event management company, its client, and client's consumer/customer. At the end of the event, you can analyze what people think about your product, brand, and all the aspects of the product. BTL is likely to provide the feedback forms to know about the product and new suggestions and view on the products. BTL is being the bridge between the customer and manufacturer directly. So collecting the data from the customers and submitting it to clients will helpful to renovate and rethink the idea of the product before the client is ready to reach the vast amount of audience.