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Ideas for Your Kids Birthday Party

March 29, 2019, 10:16 AM

Planning to throw a party for your toddler or school going little champion? We are helping you to provide better ideas to spark up the party.

We know kids are amazing, lovable, cute in a way if we are their magician and bring them what they want. They turn into imp if we don’t. But it’s another story.

Check out our handful ideas for your kid’s birthday party

The venue is always a prominent consideration. Ensure your home has enough space to accommodate all the party members and their fun enjoyment games.

If your home can’t better for you, please arrange the open space party on your apartment ground or garden, which will be much appreciated.


It would be a very special day if you are about to celebrate your first Juno’s first birthday. So invite everyone whom you think that they make the day more memorable.


What else makes the birthday more remarkable than white combined with blue balloons or white combine with pink balloons? You may even go with monochrome pastel colors for your prince or princess.

We MangoFruit also help the people to arrange the birthday parties to our clients. You can also visit –  to know further.

Once you choose your dream theme color you can ask your guests to cooperate with the idea. Even the plates, spoons on the same color theme will be appreciated though.


Don’t forget to let your guests go with giveaways. You can give them sweet and remember able chocolate hampers, coloring book with sketches, brushes, and paints, set of bubble bottles and any other artsy kits for them if your guest list filled with toddlers or primary preschooler.


Most of the bakeries around the city are ready to offer the best cakes for your kid’s birthday. Sometimes ice cakes, variety making us everyone shock. Know your city and ask your relatives or surf the appropriate need on Google.

There is always a solution to your search. You can view the cakes, prices, availability, quality, and of course a review. You can call the bakers and inquire and convey your needs which suit your theme.


Memories. You do all the show to just make the day precious as long as you remember it. So never forget to capture the prettiest moments in the function.

You don’t hire a professional photographer though. Your Android device will handle everything. But don’t forget to print them and make an album.

Budget Friendly

You can consult an event manager to clarify your doubts or better leave the entire decoration, cake preparation, invitations, giveaways for them.

They will handle everything on behalf of you. You can enjoy the party without any hassles.

Call us on 9092244041 for more details !

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