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Mobile Van Campaign – A Right BTL Plan

April 4, 2018, 09:59 AM

Mobile Van Marketing

Every business needs an attention in the local market, Mobile Van Campaign Advertising can help any business to reach the right audience. This kind of advertisement can be a high-impact, low-cost marketing tool perfect for smaller budgets and small business.

As soon as you start campaigning your products, you will reach your maximum market and targeted audience but you are not going to get anywhere special without focus and unique ideas.

Here, Introducing a new era marketing and branding method called Canter advertising or Mobile Van Campaign. You probably have seen so many decorated tempos and Vans on the roadside in the early hours of the business days.

Sometimes you have seen them with bigger billboards, LED monitors, and fabricated contents with glowing lights. This is the ideal advertising idea for any kind of product marketing and brand promotions. Event management Companies used to get this kind of vehicles for road shows to attract and interact with customers.

This is your moment to shine and brand your business using Canter method. It will increase the chances to reach more audiences and customers than the customers covered by mall and venue-based events.

As of now, your business goals are about to find the right audience, cover the maximum market, branding with low budget to show your visibility, then this marketing method will definitely help you out.

Mobile Van campaign would be the best thing ever happened in your business branding methods at your starting period.

Use it in a multiple ways 

  • A vehicle probably has ample space to load your products and stuff. So that promotion team can easily give the products to your audience to run the demo session. It is one of the main factors which strongly build the brand loyalty and establishing the trust on your company.
  • In an instant, you can run a small competition among the customers to engage with them in a joyful way. In returns, the winners would win the prizes with the company logos.
  • As already described, you will never run out of space. You can give the demo or you can give them printed pamphlets, notices, and of course, you can sell your products. You don’t have to find the shop or place to show up your products. Make your first point of sale from your Van Campaign.


At the end of the day, you can always find the results on how many places you have gone and covered the customers. You will get the results of geo-location based demographics. The tracking will be easier to move on to the next market, and even cities.

What you need exactly? 

A van? A decorated van?? Cantor with full of flyers? You need everything but the execution matters the most. Plan the schedule before entering into this event. Make your schedule by spotting down the area lists or market lists. Know your city traffic before gear up. Keep your scheduler always closer to your heart.

Apart from the van, decors, flyers, products, you need your ad billboards. It will help you to reach your brand to the audience in the distance who may be trying to cross the road, or waiting for a green signal on the traffic.

Sometimes your brand ad will be running in mega-sized LED or LCD monitors in the night time. Printed fabrication messages also convey the same messages to the customers with the aid of glowing lime lights from four corner of the van back body.

One of the great things about this type of campaign is that you don’t have to get the permission from the owner of any venues, malls, and any officers in a corporate office. Your advertising method is simply a moving vehicle which carries the information about your brand to the audience who likely to take a moment in your van.

Simple as that. You will be never restricted by the choices of an audience, locations, and age groups. We can drive anywhere you want, from the commercial marketplaces to rural villages as well as you can park it anywhere to explain about the product features which means you are taking your brand name to everywhere with a low budget. Better We can always choose the venue is the major plus point while considering others.

Who can all use this branding method?

Before you read further, click this link in the separate page to know about the mobile van campaigns we ran for our clients. You will get to know about our work and will get the idea about the whole advertising methods. (Provide the name of the Van campaign portfolios and ask them. Ask them to give Links to our mobile van campaign portfolio)

Ideal for startups, new ideas, the most required from the customers, and whose budget could offer BTL for their promotions

Crafted to cover the maximum audience

To the ones who never know their targeted audience and wanted to show up the brand visibility

It has the room for promoters and even attendees who could stand there and explain the doubts to the audiences. It breaks all the barriers between customers and the brands

Mobile Van Campaign

Are you thinking about making a good promotion to your brand or any of your upcoming events? You think your product should reach vast customers and you think your products are the most demanded one from all kind of people. Then you should try Mobile Van marketing.

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