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[PROOF] That Cross Promotion Marketing Really Works

June 3, 2019, 12:55 PM

We introduce an efficient marketing method for you to promote the two brands at the time. Cross promotion is a method which promotes the other products to the targeted customers of a related product. Two or more products will be involved and get benefited through this marketing method. For example, have you ever watched the very famous orator Oprah Winfrey’s talk show? It also promotes the books written by her.

If you are about to buy the new smartphone at Amazon or Flipkart, you can find the offers for those trying to get the product through the particular bank’s credit and debit cards. Cross promotion is applied in the most to promote the different products of the same Brand.

What are the techniques used more in this marketing type?

Joint advertising

Where you can see the two different products will be shown in a single ad. Topmost brands always will get increased its brand quality. MC Donald’s do business with Coca Cola while KFC features it’s adds with Pepsi. A lot of fast food restaurants will do such promotions with Pepsi and Coke.

Joint Contests

Call an action type of promotions also performs well. These types of ads will let the customers buy a product and participate in its contest. If the consumer wins the contest, they will enjoy some benefits from other brands. Pay your bills through PayTM and G-Pay, you will get offers on the cinema tickets. If you are booking the tickets through the RedBus app, you can enjoy your stay at the destination of your journey with RedBus’s offer for hotel stays. Each and every brand is interconnected.

Social Responsibility products

To give some awareness about the particular problems or diseases or any rescue works, big brands will join hands with NGOs and the Governments. Kind of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects also using the cross-promotional theme.

Sponsorship program

Sponsorship programs and events use such promotional ideas to involve the two are three brands together and to get promoted for the cause they wanted to. If you are a die-hard fan of Vijay TV’s Super singer, you will understand the biggest role of Airtel.

Cross Promotion in Digital Marketing

Not only in the physical marketing, but also in the digital marketing world, content from the famous author, and videos of a particular channel often used to promote the business..

Social Media Influencers

Influencers play a crucial role in online cross-promotion marketing. You have to find such people on social platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. They have a set of followers who love to read their reviews on the products and brands. Of course, they make an impact on the purchase decision about the products. You can approach them to promote your product and business. It is quite relatable to the TV commercial ads where the big stars promote products for particular brands.

Guest Writers / Bloggers

In the era of Social Media reading, you can find good writers out there. You can ask them to write some guest blogs for your websites. It will help both parties to increase their website traffic respectively.

Sponsored Content

you can find some websites are very good at products review. You can ask them to write about your product to promote your business. It cost you some bucks by the way.

Pros and Cons

Pros are easy to target the group of consumers who are very familiar with the brand when it’s all about introducing a new product in the market. You don’t have to invest much and separate to be valued by the consumers. You can reach the more in an economical way. Everyone involved in this cross-promotion like Brand A, Brand B, and Brand C will get what they wanted eventually. Promotion, exposure, the Brand value of the brands involved in the promotion will be gradually increased.


You have to find so many ground studies and researches before you take a critical step. You are not just only selling other brand’s products but also sharing the brand values and reputation of your brand with other products. If your partner is not up to that mark, it will affect your business. Check your partner’s credential and reputation for your long term growth.

Is it necessary? – You have to find the answer before you start though.

Pick up the right media to promote your business. If your product is unique and different, it is almost hard to find suitable partners for a coalition.

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