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Single Agency for the Activation

April 21, 2018, 11:13 AM

There is a famous saying about multi ended business like ” Jack of all trades, master of none”… How true is this? Here, today I’m going to elaborate why you need a single-handed event management agencies for your activation and branding campaign.

For a good event and activation, all you need a single ended agency for all of your requirements. We are recommending it too because well-trained event management companies will come to your desk with loads of knowledge. Finding Brand activation companies and agencies team for your activation is the new wind to get instant results on market and new way to brand your products in the market.

But focus on whom you need to promote your business. Don’t hire design team for flex printing and don’ task BTL agency to just arrange a Van for the campaign and don’t invite celebrities to your event by using your own company influence. This way of event coordination will make the entire event fail. Why because multi-handling on the things will end up with unknown consequences.

All you need is an event planning company which has loads of knowledge about the brand and marketing techniques and ready to research and perform at the ground level. There are very few event management companies in Chennai & Coimbatore do all the things, literally I mean, all the things for your event and make it successful.

Advantages of Single Agency for the Activation


Event management usually does not step into the stage to give an introduction about the company profile but they are multi-faced professionals and they do know where to go to what to get and whom to ask. Only the best will be delivered because they do have a wide range of experience. Their experience in the field is your profit.

Time and Money

Apparently, it will save your time and money. You don’t have to call n-number of offices and agencies to get the recent updates regarding the event. An event management companies have the direct links with suppliers, dealers, and other concerned people who are best in the industries. All you need is to pick up the right date for your event and ask your employers to be there at right time.


Professions never do a mistake and never cost the customers reputation in any cause. You will be mailed with detailed plans which will be going to happen at your event before the days, once you have approached a single-handed agency.

They will come with loads of paperwork and them really don’t like last minute planning as any companies. Single-handed event management plans are pre-planned so there is zero chance to get the critical situations and hurdles on the event execution.


You can simply expect the smooth execution of ideas and monitor every action is become very easy. The end to end execution from the expertise will satisfy the customers from every aspect. More than anything event management brings loads of unique and creative events into the play with their knowledge. Sometimes, the multi-handed agency will fail in this process.


Again, you don’t have to bang your head on the wall to analyze the complete results of the event. Expertise will produce the post-event analytics with customer database, support, and results. Multi-handed will lead you to turn your office room’ slight on the midnight to produce the perfect data on overall event.

Disadvantages of multi-handed events

  • As a client, you might not sure about what is going around on your own event
  • Monitoring and handling the situations from the various team will end up hassles and
  • Payment will become serious issues
  • You don’t have any clarity on which team did what
  • Post-event report – You will never going to get that one
  • You have to work additional hours to find out what has done throughout the event


The multi-handed event will become the serious issue for both side and multi-side. You keep these words in your mind, ” Too many cooks spoil the broth” Money and time will be saved by hiring single handed Event Management companies and BTL agencies.

They definitely keep your head on your shoulder and maintain your reputation high in the field. Make your event more special or don’t come up with an idea of doing an event with multi-handed agencies. Expertise advises you future business heads.

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