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The 4 Types of Event Services

March 11, 2019, 07:03 AM

Mangofruit organizes and helps the clients to achieve their goals on gaining more customers and developing good relationships between them. We, Mangofruit, Coimbatore based Event Management company, is giving four different types of events according to the customers need.

We are branding solutions for most of the events running in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Among the four, the first two is fully designed for the people who love to trade and do business.

The third event will fit into the red carpet shoes. Every personal event you want to cherish in your life falling into the fourth category.

This article little broader than usual. It explains how things are working in an event organizing company to make the clients dreams come true.

Corporate Events

From the local small vendors to the big giants in the corporates are always in need to reach their products to the right customers. Certain goals are always there to achieve in each and every event, even if it is small.

Four Smiling Business People Buffet

Branding is such one and it has its values and we know it better. We are experts in this particular event management. We do corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, product launches, inauguration functions as well as award functions with industry trends and standards. If we are providing corporate events to any agency or company, it definitely includes our knowledge in fieldwork.

Long years of experience in the field are helping us to find the perfect venue for the guests, best food, super-duper entertainment shows, and hosts. In this particular event, our clients and guests would develop strong and long term relationship through executed well-furnished ideas.

Exhibitions Events

The exhibition is the place where you can find n-number of industry professionals and businessmen. You can attract more professions and experts by providing stunning exhibition stands with proper exhibition fabrication and exhibition management methods as well as exhibiting your products and brands.

In Tamil Nadu, very few event organizers are engaged with dealers, suppliers, engineers, and traders from all sectors. We, Mangofruit, is one among them. In an exhibition event, we also create the best opportunity to launch the products.

Under the single roof, we give the details of the client’s brand to everyone by unique advertisement and showcase style. We help them to build strong activity through the ads and neat presentations. And of course, we are giving a chance to analyze their competitors in their field.

Stage Shows Events

We will arrange topmost Emcees, hosts, VJs, DJs, and celebrities to host the party to celebrate the events. Authentication and glamorous of the event will be guaranteed.


Mango Fruit Event Organizer is well known for its stylish and minimalist design services to the clients. The color, the theme, background, and entire stage decorations will be done as per the client’s taste and the need.

Start nights, celebrity events, celebrity management, artist management, entertainment shows are the best-known management we do for our clients. It would help them to develop their network.

Personal Events

Either individual or group of people are here to celebrate the joy of life. No matter what people going through or what tough they handle, we just need to enjoy our life.


Our birth’s prominent right is to be happy so that we try to capture the special days as the special memories.

We help people to make their special days very special. Under this Personal event category, we offer birthday decors, engagement event decorations, wedding stage decoration management. This helps convince more relatives and friends to come to your special day.

We are always happy to be the trivial part when the big magic happens in the wedding hall. We decor your dreams for your birthday, engagement, reception, and wedding. Personal events are meant to be with a lavish party with fantastic decor and floral inspiration.

Sometimes it needs to be filled with the vibrant and design-heavy atmosphere or sometimes it needs to be very pleasant and light.

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