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What is Corporate Advertising?

April 24, 2019, 05:51 AM

Let’s go with the definition first instead of direct journey classification of corporate advertising. Corporate advertising is the advertising done for an entire company and brand to improve the image and value of the company.

The main aim of the corporate event is to make it more desirable to work with and buy from. This type of advertising can be done for institutions as well as organizations. Usually, the PR (Public relations team) of the company makes such advertising to increase the company’s goodwill.

Let me explain how corporate advertising helps the company’s overall growth. Think a group of companies working under a big umbrella and doing an advertisement for the name of the umbrella, but not individual brands and products which are working under the umbrella. Reliance would be the best example of this.

Under the Tag line of Reliance, there are several companies running around the world. From the Jio to reliance trends are coming under the name of Reliance. You don’t have to work on each and every product, but just do a corporate ad on Reliance. It will increase the overall growth and the perception of the company itself. You can also apply the same methods to the Hindustan Unilever, BMW, and Airtel too.

Four Common Types of Corporate Advertising

  • Image
  • Advocacy
  • Cause-related
  • Green

Image Advertising

A common method corporate uses and people used to. It gives a visual treat of the brand rather than service promotion or product promotion. Several types of themes fall under this advertising sector.

An advertising company always uses the themes like family-friendly, the low cost ever in the market, very sophisticated and classy, very luxury to attract the customers. Image advertising is one of the methods which distinguish your brand and product from your competitors.

Advocacy Advertising

If you are working with firms which need to convey the messages to society, then you would go for this kind of advertisement. If you are working with the company which helps with the people to get their medical and insurance, they definitely want you to an ad based on saying “Don’t drink and Drive”.

It hits two goals without any flaws. It helps the brand image of the company by making it contributing to society a better place to live. NGOs, hospitals, research establishments do generate this type of advocacy advertising.


People used to get confused cause-related advertising with advocacy advertising. Both works in the same way, but advocacy methods are often taken for long term benefit.

Cause-related advertising method acts as a quick reaction to current events or trending topic. When disaster hits any particular region and corporate want to raise the fund to help the victims may choose the cause-related.

An advertisement promoted by the Kerala Government right after the flood happened last August is quite like cause-related. The ad welcomes the visitors and tourists to see the newly built Kerala. Samsonite did the ad it hits almost 31 lakhs views on YouTube.

Video Source: Samsonite

Green Marketing

This is the new child added to the corporate marketing class. Newer category to corporate branding and used it for all types of eco-conscious business practices and programs. It details the problems facing by plastics, how de-forestation kills the animals, extinction of the species, and more.

The companies raising donation to save nature do such advertising. Even the government organizations take this method to educate and aware the people about the problems nature and world face?

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