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Why BTL Activation is so important for a brand?

March 13, 2018, 15:39 PM

Let’s get straight into the business. Have already written so many blah blah blah terms, techno lingos, business, profit, BTL, and so on… But wait! Have you ever had a thought about the business profit by BTL or have you ever approached any of the advertising agencies in your vicinity to brand your company??? I suppose you are not… Because, these terrifying things will come up at your mind once you started to think about advertising and branding your product.

The first and foremost thing you consider about your product branding is your budget. The last and second most thing you concern is what would be the outcome. Right, Every advertising or branding event mainly focus two things, as you do, from your point of view.

Increasing the sales volume and pricing power are the two mainly focused terms by event management companies. Here, we gonna discuss the ideas and methods which will help you to achieve two respective goals from BTL activations.

Before going into details,

It is my responsibility to make you understand the difference between ATL and BTL. ATL sounds quite costly but I’m not asking you to do not try ATL. In short, BTL is the clubbed ideas and methods to support the budding entrepreneur’s ideas, and start-up companies’ products.

All it means, the growing company needed the customers more than media exposure or limelight on their products at the instance. BTL is making sure their ideas’ and products’ survival.

ATL – A catchy consideration for your brand

Expert says ATL stands for Above the Line. Here, you can advertise your brand to reach the mass audience by this method. The medium between your company and your customer are obviously the media who directly deliver the message to your customer in the digital voice and video format.

You often watch the television and hear the FM and you might notice the advertisements which frequently ask you to buy this, go there, watch this, eat this. Those are ATL marketing methods which involve television and Cinema, Radio, print ads, and billboard, signage monitor display.

Very sophisticated method to advertise the goods to the people. But, does a brand new local noodles manufacturing company able to advertising in all of these media? How many of the customers can easily figure out and taste the goodness and delicious noodles through the monitors? Yup, here they definitely need a tasty and super-hot noodles BTL activity to promote their noodles. One more thing, you can’t come to the conclusion is a result of the ATL.


This infographic will help you to understand the differences rather than long-term content


You have already read all the benefits of BTL. The BTL stands for Below The Line. As Written earlier, you can get the insights at the end of the event with loads of customer details, and their feedback regarding the experience the product.

It will lead the manufacturer to rearrange, add and reduce the pinch of salt, to their noodles. This is what event experts call an experiential event in their own language. This is not only for noodles pocket at the point of sale, but a brochure description in cashing counter. Everyone will be curious to read the colorful pamphlet to know what’s new.

So what’s new in this marketing are already created and implemented in so many places for so many success stories. I’m Just putting the image representation before you start looking up for advertising with us. (Hyperlink to the Contact US) Creative ideas for your budget…

This is what I trying to say from the very beginning. But what are those creative ideas? Here you can check

You can count how many advertisements you see daily… I’m categorizing them into BTL for your knowledge.

Aqua Carpatica

Don’t have to say.. BTL.. It reaches the customers or the users so fast and it takes lesser time to reach the audience than any ATL ads.

Cost cutting the budget is how effectively you reduce the manpower and increasing the productivity. BTL is working on that ethics. Promotors, entertainers, and Emcees will play the crucial role in presenting the event and your event eventually successful with few crew members.

Usually, BTL is an End-to-End process, even designing and printing parts included. You can ask anything directly to your agencies. Just wait, printing an ad and place them for the public doesn’t fire your pocket. Any doubts, customers can reach them without any hesitance.

Chapter one T-shirt

Printable goods are taking care of the rest in branding and advertising in BTL. Chapter One is a book and they made an advertisement on the daily using subject. It could be anything. Cell phone sticker, T-shirt, key chain, and anything that you use often in your daily life. Just look at the right side, they made a banner to understand what is Chapter one for you.

Look walkers and iwalkers

A new way of branding which adds little technology and little manpower so the results could be like this. You can be advertising anywhere at your preferred target segments to understand the purpose of the product.

Mobile Van

All you need is to make your idea comes true and event management do the rest for you. The money you spent on BTL gives you the return on investment.

You can have the database, feedback, and total results which definitely will grow your business. Are you thinking about your brand, just branding it with BTL activities and agencies?

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