Brand activation is a group of different activation to grab the customers the attention towards the product, brand or sales. There are several activation used in a repeat mode to boost sales and services. One of them is customer activation. Active selling, sampling, events and promotions, retail activation are generally engaged with the audience or customers. They provide direct feedback and genuine survey. Customer activation can be done before going to make an official product launch to a large audience through the proper media advertisements. Customer activation always helps you out find out the pros and cons of the products and services before going live and at the point of sale. It will save the cost, time, as well as your company's reputation among the people. Here we are going to find out how each of the above customer activation works and how will it boost the sales.


Active selling

In such marketing methods, demonstrations and teaching take place. This is one of the marketing methods where the salesperson or executive directly demonstrate the products with its advantages to the shoppers. He/she makes the customers aware that your product exists and they convince the clients to buy it. It will help the clients to understand the needs of the customers and what they really want from the company. Usually, this type of customer activations happens in such big shopping malls and outlets where the clients easily put up a small, temporary outlet to talk about the product. This is one of the powerful and interactive marketing methods. Real conversation between the clients and customers make the relationship grow in a decent manner between the customer and the products. This marketing method drives sales and hit the targets directly.


For electronics gadgets and the home-appliance goods can be demonstrated in active selling. But you can definitely go for sampling for food items such as snacks, easy to cook-type of foods. In a survey, the customers around 93% stated that the sampling methods encouraged them to make an unplanned purchase of the products the sales or demo person samples. This also leads the direct conversation between the clients and customers and clients can get knowledge about the products and feedback from the customers who tested the sample.

Events and promotions

Events and promotions also impact on the purchase choice of the customers in a high percentage. But remember that the choice depends upon what clients put up on the showcase and how the events represent its product/services. This end-to-end service drives good sales.




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