ATL is known as Above The Line, ATL marketing, ATL advertising, and ATL activations, often choose by the corporate giants to promote the business to the wide range of audience. Note that there is no targeted audience for the ATL. ATL concentrate less on the conversions. Mass marketing strategies involved in this segment just to promote and reach the brand to a larger number of customers.


What type of medium involved to promote the business in ATL advertising?

Magazines and News Papers

This is the least option for those who have limited budget in their pocket but want to make an ATL reach the customers. Printing ads will go wider. Marketers and agencies choose such marketing method to go beyond the level. Recently OnePlus launched its latest smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro. It gives an ad in the world famous New York Times by saying we don't sell phones with a price tag of $2000. It received a great response and acclaimed as one of the creative and unique advertisements. Techies said that advertisement had unveiled a lot of details and features of the Phone than the teaser showed.  


 Just like TV, radio also gives the same impact in the case of advertisement. It requires an audio message with suitable music. Repeated announcement on the Radio, will penetrate the idea of buying such products to the users. Creative ideas success in the market no matter what medium you choose to promote your business.


We know, every house has a television and watching TV is one of the biggest hobbies today in our generation. Studies say that an average American watches TV about 5 hours in a day. In, India, it may quite high, I suppose. TV channels directly have a connection with the users. A simple TV advertisement is enough to reach people from local, national, and international.

Check out the Royal Enfield Himalayan commercial


It gives a wider reach to your brand and business. It gives a better connection to your customer with your brand through the ads even the direct conversions take place. Definitely, this marketing method develops better brand value and brand identity. There are some other activation and marketing methods available in the field. They can be chosen by the requirements and the type of business and Brand. BTL is the Below line marketing method uses the power of the paper medium and roadside marketing technologies to make the conversion rather than brand identity build up. To know more about BTL activation and Marketing methods, click here (Link the BTL Blog page here). There is another type of marketing method called TTL. Through The Line marketing method compromises the goodness of both BTL and ATL for the better performance and results.




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