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That was the first time we have ever received a call from Bajaj to host a show home appliance’s launch for their product. We have done so many events for Bajaj vehicles but this is our first call to launch a mixer grinder product.

Our clients wanted us to run an event to launch their mixer grinder with well-decorated backdrop, stage, automatic unveiling screen. It wasn’t that much hideous to show up the product but it is very hard to entertain the clients and people who were about to attend that particular evening. So that we have arranged a finest artist for mimicry show and talented magician to make the entire ceremony spellbound with colorful magics.

From the beginning to end our emcee never give an opportunity to the attendees of the function to look up their wristwatch. The product is placed behind the screen. Automated unveiling screen uncovers the product to the customers and clients at the time of launch.

Following the success of this particular event in Trichy, our clients wanted us to do the same event in four different locations at the same time. Our product coordinator and event team went Madurai, Tirunelveli, Villupuram, and Salem to give the best product launch of Bajaj appliance to our clients and their customers.

The first event occurred on 10th of December and following events help up on the same day of 16th in the month of December.

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