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Bajaj Two Wheeler Platina Comfort Challenge


Last year we have done an event to prove the customers and bikers which two-wheeler is best for their spinal cord.
Spinal Cord?
Are you kidding?
Why do you connect two odd matters into one?

I know these questions are rising in your mind.
Vibration free makes you spinal cord smile. You will sleep at night without much tired. We have put a special track in two different locations in a ground. The gravel and muddy mixture track readied to test the smoothness and comfort of the bikers own vehicle. We have arranged a smartphone at the front end to check the suspension, a vibration of the bikes while the rider rides the bike.

One they rode their own vehicle, we challenged them to experience the Bajaj Platina for a change with the same settings on the same track. Bikers witnessed the amazing difference between the XYZ bikes and Bajaj Platina. They have surprised and amazed by the Bajaj’s performance.

2017 we have done two such events in two different places. In 2018, our clients approached us to run the same kind of events in 32 different locations across the Tamil Nadu.

We have arranged a backend team of two members to organize the events and to organize manpower. The first step to the event, we ran a pre-promotion with T-shirts, leaflets, and Tags. One of our backend team members followed the promotion to ensure every location received the pre-promotion materials. As well as the team member organized, supervised, and checked the program along with schedules while another team member checked every material’s quality, replaced the material if any broken or damaged, and dispatched the materials to the 32 locations.

Once we have done first set of 32 locations, our clients wanted us to extend the program for the next thirty-two days not only in 32 other locations but 64 in the same timeline. We ran the programs successfully by scheduling two events on a single day with two different teams. Within 64 days we successfully ran the Comfort Challange Phase 2 in 96 different locations.

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