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Mechanic Meet


Client Brief

CEAT, one of the best car and bike tire manufacturers in India, wanted us to arrange the meets with the people who are familiar with the rides, roads, and the mechanism of cars and bikes. Monsoon makes all the environment so romantic and so horrible for the riders who are used to enjoy the Indian roads. In monsoon, every road ride in India should be called as off-road ride. Apart from the poor maintenance and potholes in roads, rain causes more accidents. Riders are used to check the condition of their tires and ask a piece of advice from the mechanics to avoid the skids on the slippery road. CEAT makes the Anti-skid tires especially for the monsoon season and wanted us to carry the information to the customers/riders.


We have arranged a meet for the Mechanics who are familiar with seasons and Indian roads. We have educated them the reasons behind the new invention of CEAT on the presentation screen. Meetings were held in Hotels and we took care about arranging hotels, foods, and refreshments along with proper invitations. CEAT wanted us to do the same event all over Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Within 6 days we have done almost 19 events in various places of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We mainly focused the mechanics from the hill region and the places where rain does the worst damage.


Anti-Skid tires were first introduced by CEAT in India. It was both pleasure and honorable to make the first-hand event for the CEAT. We have converted the participants into the customers of the CEAT and CEAT still holds the share value in the market for anti-skid tires.

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