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Client Brief

We glad about the programs we ran in all the sectors. Each program not only gained us clients but an experience to share with others. Good stories and experiences should be remembered in good ways. Here, we are sharing another field experience of our event held in Agri Intex in Codissia, Coimbatore (2013 to 2014). CRI solar pumps had approached us to give a live demo of their products, solar panels, and pumps, for the farmers who were visiting the exhibition.


Who else really doesn’t want to do a job which is relatively very close to nature? We have considered the farmers’ point of view. We thought our event should be reliable because of the people who are visiting the exhibition are the real gods and givers in any term. Because of them, we all enjoy our three meals a day. We have planned a reliable event for the reliable people. We put our stall in open space while other event management companies and advertising agencies were inside with pumps and motors and other materials. Literally, we have shown well-grown real-time farm on the expo venue and had placed solar panels, and installed the solar pumps. Our farming land had its own well(made by plaster of Paris) and water running path. When we had the visitors to our stall, we demonstrated the pump which ran by solar power and gets the water from the well and distributed the water in the path we set. We have also explained the use of Solar panels and pumps in the agri sector to the farmers. We have satisfied that we somewhat supported the food chain.


The above event professionally called as Interactive marketing method and on the time, we converted the audiences into the customers and made sales on the stage. Dinamalar – Daily news magazine, Tamil Nadu, covered this event and praised our event as one of the most innovative events. The following years, we have witnessed n-numbers of Interactive marketing method on the same expo. We ran the same event for another three years for CRI Pumps.

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