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MangoFruit – A well-known brand in the industry for the past 5 Yrs. Serving Leading Corporate brands across Tamilnadu in Event Services, BTL Activations, Branding & Media Support


MangoFruit Has Launched an Eco-Friendly bicycle billboard advertising for the First time in Tamilnadu. Which work for you to make the most of your advertising Campaign. M-Cycle Can Reach your Target Consumer by customized schedules its Day or night or market & residential.

We offer adjustable terms whether it’s just a launch blast for a product or a half day for Promotional activity or sale or it’s an accomplished seasonal Activity – M-Cycle is there.

We offer an Eco-Friendly, High Visible & New Modern Trend alternative to advertising.

By developing Customized, Most Visibility Activity routes, your Communications connects to your customer.

The result is Highly Delivered, Memorable & Out Standing


Reaching your Target Segment by Customized & Customized Place
High Visibility in busy streets and Main Roads
Attractive and Distracting yet non-invasive-Friendly to Traffic
Low cost and effective
Eco friendly-No Petrol, No Smoke Huge impact

Perfect for:

  • Brand recognition
  • Brand Promotions
  • Sales Promotion
  • Special offers
  • Events
  • Social Awarness
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Consumer Durable, Electricals, Electronics, BArs, Restaurants & Cafes

We offer

  • Customized Offers
  • Profession Planning & Execution
  • Lit & non Lit Branding for Day & Night
  • Distribution of Communication Materials
  • Designing Your Comminications
  • Printing Service
  • Social Media Promotions at Free of Cost

How it works:

We work with you to:

  • Understand Your Challenges in Market
  • Set Your Goal for the Campaign
  • Planning Target Route & Taget Segmentn
  • Designing Your Comminications
  • Creating or Designing your Ad
  • Hit the Target

Why M-Cycle Ads:

It’s Dazzling! New Modern Advertisement!

With this Creative, hight visible, On road campaign solution you can get a defined reach and cost-effective brand exposure. M-Cycle is perfect for any advertisements and is deal for the new store and product launches, sporting events and live Events, On Road Campaign and many more.

They can run but they can’t hide!

Instead of waiting for your audience to read a magazine or watch the TV or radio, you can deliver your communications right in front of them, Deliver your message to your customers in places they may not except your Brand.

What are your options for the same amount of money?

  • Buy advertising space on one or two traditional billboards for 1 month.
  • Pay for small ad in a magazine or newspaper for 1 week
  • Pay for an online banner for 1-2 weeks
  • Pay for a CPC (cost per click)campaign for 5-10 days
  • Buy 6000 leaflets and distribute them in 1-3 days ot you an choose to

… or buy one M-Cycle Ads and adverise year around

Eye catching Advertising

The success of the M-Cycle Ads trailers – also known as ad bikes, promo bikes, media bikes, or simply advertising bicycles, comes from the higher reach and frequency and the superior level of recall rate.

It’s much more cost efficient and it allows greater coverage than any other major advertising media. Other advantages of this 4feet mobile billboard are visibility, high impact, exposure, and frequency.

The unique towing system ensures the access of your mobile billboard to pedestrian areas otherwise impossible to reach by other outdoor media, whether traditional OOH (Out-of-Home) or BTL (Below the Line).

You can choose to advertise in the Perimeter of your business or in your competitor’s perimeter without any restrictions, redirecting sales towards you.

With this new advertising solution, you can stop thinking local and go national! Your fleet of ad bike trailers can be transported by car to an important event in any location you may choose to advertise. You can also use your advertising fleet to promote your shops from other cities by sending the mobile billboards by post or by courier to those locations.

M-Cycle Ads can be used year round, both as an outdoor billboard and an indoor one when needed. In between advertising campaigns you can rent your ad trailers to other businesses. M-Cycle Ads will pay for itself over and over again.

Static billboards and leaflet distribution:

M-Cycle Ads can be placed in startegic locations serving as static billboards while promoters take this opportuinty to interact with the target audience, handle leaflets or other promotional materials.

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